California Child Support Law

As with issues of child custody and/or child visitation, child support cases are often fraught with tension and may even start with the need to prove (or disprove) paternity of the child. Both parents have the obligation to financially support their children. If a custodial parent is receiving welfare benefits, the state itself will also be involved in making sure parents’ support obligations are determined and enforced. Given the complexity of California child support law, parents should have an experienced California child support lawyer by their side when forced to confront this issue.

In most cases in California, the support obligations of both parents are usually determined using preset guidelines that consider the financial situation of each party and the percentage of time each is the physical custodial parent of the child or children. A judge can consider special circumstances that might affect the amount set by the guidelines. Unfortunately, unscrupulous parents might try to hide income and resources. In these cases, the services of an experienced attorney might be necessary to prove the availability of this income and resources.

There are serious consequences to being behind in child support payments, including the accrual of interest increasing the amount you owe, the possibility of wages being withheld and even the possibility of imprisonment if you were to be found in criminal contempt of a support order.

As with child custody orders, California support orders can be modified by the court if one of the party alleges and proves changed circumstances. If you or someone you know is needs legal advice and representation in a child custody or child visitation case in the Los Angeles area, contact the Pasadena Law Office of Edward A. Torres by calling 626-795-3736. You may also contact us immediatelly using the form provided to your right. Your initial consultation is 100% free and completely confidential.