Contested Divorce Attorney in California

In California, the “divorce” is the least of the problems in a contested divorce. A divorce can be granted if there are “irreconcilable” differences six months after the person petitioning for divorce officially notifies (serves) the other spouse or domestic partner. If one spouse thinks there are irreconcilable differences and the other does not - that’s even considered an irreconcilable difference.

The contest is about issues surrounding the divorce such as custody and visitation of children; the division of property and debt; and spousal and child support or alimony.

Contested divorce can be a time-consuming and stressful ordeal. Experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney Edward A. Torres, will work with you to determine if it is possible to reach an equitable settlement outside of court, but sometimes, a judge and the judicial system is necessary to achieve desired outcomes. As a seasoned civil litigator, Pasadena divorce attorney, Edward A. Torres, will vigorously represent your interests throughout the trial process.

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